Extraction Movie Review: Dazzling action leaves you wanting little else

A devil-may-care attitude may or may not be utilitarian, but there’s no denying that a certain recklessness, a flagrant disregard for half-hearted measures, has a charm that’s almost irresistible. Extraction’s thirst for imaginative violence is almost unparalleled in recent times. It’s a film that has almost no time for anything but raw violence. The director is Sam Hargrave, the stunt supervisor of Avengers: Endgame, and his expertise results in some of the most heartstopping action set pieces I have seen in recent memory. This is a film aware of this strength, and barely takes any time before unleashing mayhem in the streets of Dhaka. For all we care, for all the film cares, these set pieces could have been situated in any densely populated city in the world. Before the characters in this film are allowed to engage in war though, a few cursory developments are shown to take place. You are shown that the ‘biggest drug lord’ from Bangladesh has kidnapped the son of ‘the biggest drug lord’ from India. The film thankfully has a sense of humour about how little interest it has in this drug angle. A character upon hearing this information says, “That sounds like some mythic sh**.” It’s hard not to like a film that’s as self-deprecating.

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For the remainder of this column (and there’s a lot more left, I assure you), please visit https://www.cinemaexpress.com/reviews/english/2020/apr/24/extraction-movie-review-dazzling-action-leaves-you-wanting-little-else-18162.html

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