Kaalakkoothu: Good performances in a predictable film with an oft-told message

Simply looked at, it’s yet another story of friendship flavoured by a love story that runs into that familiar demon, caste trouble. The difference here though is that the two friends, Easwaran (Prasanna) and Hari (Kalaiyarasan), aren’t just defined by their friendship — Easwaran especially. He’s a person scarred by, and hence, scared of loss.

Sema: A comedy that’s largely offensive, occasionally funny

A girl our hero, Kuzhanthai (GV Prakash), is supposed to find repulsive is dark-skinned and named Karunkuzhali. In truth, the actual actor is very decent-looking, but that doesn’t stop Yogi Babu, playing Kuzhanthai’s friend, from referencing ‘aduppu kari’ when talking about her appearance.

Kaali: Bizarre writing in a film that tests your patience

“It’s a bizarre choice, because in these flashback narratives, Kaali’s actually trying to unearth the truth about the identity of his parents. So, you have the very uncomfortable visual of seeing the character — playing his likely father — romancing his mother. It’s just… bizarre.”

Bhaskar Oru Rascal: Arvind Swami and the jokes almost make this remake work

“Arvind Swami totally sells the brutishness of Bhaskar, and his lack of manners — which makes for a recurring joke. The film’s strength is the largely innocent brand of humour it peddles, and you realise this never more than in the final act when the jokes all but disappear, and the film turns tedious.”