Kadaikutty Singam: A likeable celebration of the rural life

“I wish someone somewhere in this film had problematised Ranasingam’s manic desire for a boy, but for lack of this, his smug, self-assured support for his son – even if justified by his son’s nobility – rankles a bit.”


Tamizh Padam 2: A brave, even if not all that effective, comedy

“Somewhere, from being a farcical comedy that takes clever, calculated digs, Tamizh Padam 2 almost turns into a Halloween party. The mere transformation of our actors for likeness, is thought to be enough… but isn’t.”

CS Amudhan: We are not trolls

“I find people using words like ‘bangam’, troll, and ‘kalaai’ in talking about this film. Some seem to believe that the film is just a collection of memes. I reject such conclusions. Our objective is to make people laugh, and to that effect, we are picking well-known moments from Tamil cinema mainly. It’s not about targetting a few actors.”

Mr. Chandramouli: Some interesting ideas in a lackadaisical thriller

In a recent interview with us, Karthik had expressed some surprise over how mimicry artistes imitated him. “Do I really talk like that?” he had asked us. In his latest film, Mr. Chandramouli, it almost feels like he’s trying to mimic those very artistes. It’s every cliché associated with his performances. The infantilism, the devil-may-care…

Why Thamizh Padam is necessary

“This is why Lollu Sabha was so glorious. Suddenly, we were laughing at the same scenes we were shouting ourselves hoarse about a month ago. We learned that our liking for something didn’t have to stop us from enjoying a joke about it. That show was the Riddikulus to the Boggart of our cinema.”