Kalakalappu 2: A bloated comedy that gets funnier as it goes

“There aren’t too many directors like Sundar C out there, when it comes to conjuring up hilarious visuals. In one unforgettably funny scene, RJ Shiva’s character keeps sliding down a man’s belly.”


Savarakathi: What if Mysskin wrote Tom and Jerry?

“Pitchai (Ram, who occasionally oversells the theatrics), is a human embodiment of Jerry. He’s cheeky, and he’s constantly running from danger, literally — to almost cartoonish background music by Arrol Corelli.”

Padaiveeran: A surprisingly efficient rural drama

“A few days of friendship cleanses the flaws of a lifetime for Muneeswaran, and that’s a lovely story unto itself. During a particularly sensitive moment, he sits, face buried in his hands, confused over why every person he ever loved hates him for doing the right thing. Padaiveeran makes many deep points without really making a meal out of them.”