Tamil cinema in a year of tumult

“How long this year has been, and how short its filmography. Tamil films came out in a trickle this year—largely those that were either made for OTT platforms or those that couldn’t afford to wait for theatres to be opened again—and yet, there were still some good films, some useful patterns…”

Heaven’s gates are open once again

Was it safe being indoors in a public place, given that a vaccine for covid is still coming? Was it wise to be entering a movie theatre with a disease still at large? It probably wasn’t wise, but then, aren’t love and wisdom often found to be mutually exclusive qualities?

Music has no mortality

“Given the omnipresence of songs, is it a surprise at all that when someone like SP Balasubrahmanyam, whose vocal signature is stamped across our film music, passes away, it feels like the loss of a family member?”

Why the Cobb-Mal relationship in Inception isn’t a tragedy

I’m talking of the Cobb-Mal romance that occurs in a dystopian wasteland, a romance that unravels more in our minds than in the film—which is only fitting, considering that much of Inception happens largely in its characters’ heads.