Where have the heroines gone?

Unlike heroines of the 80s, those of the last two decades haven’t really returned as character artistes. I talk to people in the industry to find out why… The spotlights on heroes in Tamil cinema remain aglow even as they age, bald, lose their voice and go frail. The ones trained on heroines, however, don’t last…

Robinson Crusoe: Cast Away

It must be incredibly tough to wreck some premises—the premise of a shipwrecked man getting marooned in an island, for instance. I am convinced that it must have involved long nights of hard work to make a film as dull as Robinson Crusoe from a story that bursts with adventure, and draws on the time-tested man…

For the love of god!

This week’s column for Metro Plus on how it is quite rare to spot atheistic characters in Tamil cinema

Sully: Captain America

Thanks to Sully, I now know — as much as there is to be known safely at least — what it must be like to be part of a incapacitated plane.