2.0: Technical wizardry looks to mask a disappointingly uninspired film

“Rajinikanth, in an interview, recently spoke about how the joy of dreaming is more than the joy of seeing them get realised. On a somewhat similar note, sometimes, it feels like the wait for a Shankar film is more exciting than the actual film itself.”


Vandi: A wholly trying, partly offensive film that isn’t redeemed by its hyperlink narrative

“The film rides on the loss of a bike and associated characters, and with an idea like this, each separate story angle needed to be explosive. Vandi’s characters and their respective interactions have the appeal of a rotten pineapple run over by a truck.”

Sarkar: Vijay propaganda hinders this film from realising its potential

“He talks of America’s language becoming English instead of German, France becoming a republic from a monarchy, Hitler acquiring dictatorial control over the party… It’s the sort of list you’d expect to see on WhatsApp a week before elections, sent by well-meaning friends. And much like many such noble lists, all the examples cited in this one are entirely wrong.”