Mechanic: Resurrection: Assassin city

uch tasks on screen, much like in games like Grand Theft Auto, generate an adrenaline rush, providing the enjoyment arising from experiencing a heightened sense of stress in a safe, controlled environment.

A promise to Na. Muthukumar

For most of us, enjoyment of a song is generally limited to humming along, as though the lines were simply words strung together haphazardly to fit into the tune.

Pete’s Dragon: For Pete’s sake

The animated dragon in Pete’s Dragon never quite melds with the environment, especially with the humans, and in another film, it’d be tempting to think of this as a flaw. But here, this incongruity is almost sort of the point. Elliott, the dragon, is among the most docile ever seen in cinema, and not just…

War Dog: Guns and posers

War Dogs reminded me of quite a few films that were far more successful at doing what it tries to do. It begins by showing a gun pointed at one of the protagonists, David Packouz (Miles Teller), who coolly takes on narrating responsibilities and makes a comment to us about the gun’s making. “It’s a…

K. S. Ravikumar: Cinema is just business

  S. Ravikumar, whose Mudinja Ivana Pudi has just released, tells me that he has nothing to prove to anybody and that his track record speaks for itself Excerpts of the conversation in video Before answering the first question, K. S. Ravikumar mentions that he isn’t altogether comfortable with speaking in English. I tell him he’s free to talk…