Our own Captain America

If you failed to stand up for the anthem, if you didn’t pay your taxes, if you didn’t respect the tricolour, you seriously considered the possibility of an incensed Arjun coming at you.

A day with the Bigg Boss

It has been two days since, and I still cannot have a conversation without looking at the walls around me for signs of a camera.

AAA: Awful, Awful, Awful

The bad guy says, “Adhu yevan da?” The hero’s friend says, “Unakku yeman da.” Remember that green smiley on WhatsApp that denotes sickness? That’s exactly how I felt.

The big STR plan

In the case of Simbu’s fans though, there are bigger concerns than the quality of the film… like the existence of the film itself.

Peechaankai: A pointedly mediocre comedy

There are two types of people: those who laugh when a character’s genitalia gets hurt, and those who don’t. I’m likely of the latter kind, considering how I didn’t find a whole lot to laugh at every time the protagonist of Peechaankai either grabs another character’s, hmm, wing wang in a fight scene, or somehow manages to…

Maragadha Nanayam: A wildly entertaining adventure

While watching Maragadha Nanayam, I couldn’t shake off the thought that this is the film Peechaankai wanted to be. It wanted to be quirky, it wanted to be laugh-out-loud funny, and it wanted to be lively and entertaining. Maragadha Nanayam is all of that, and is a testament to how with a writer who has…

Rangoon: A gritty thriller with quite a bit to like

But make no mistake, there’s a lot to like in Rangoon, and this is easily Gautham Karthik’s best film yet. This is a world in which people don’t have the time to–and can’t afford to–think of first-world issues like morality and ethics.

An impressive drama with terrific organic humour

Towards the end, having experienced the hilarious and often poignant interplay between such real, rural characters, it seemed to me that this is the sort of film that somebody like Manikandan would make if asked to do a village film.