A day with the Bigg Boss

It has been two days since, and I still cannot have a conversation without looking at the walls around me for signs of a camera.

AAA: Awful, Awful, Awful

The bad guy says, “Adhu yevan da?” The hero’s friend says, “Unakku yeman da.” Remember that green smiley on WhatsApp that denotes sickness? That’s exactly how I felt.

The big STR plan

In the case of Simbu’s fans though, there are bigger concerns than the quality of the film… like the existence of the film itself.

Peechaankai: A pointedly mediocre comedy

There are two types of people: those who laugh when a character’s genitalia gets hurt, and those who don’t. I’m likely of the latter kind, considering how I didn’t find a whole lot to laugh at every time the protagonist of Peechaankai either grabs another character’s, hmm, wing wang in a fight scene, or somehow manages to…