Arrival: A thought-provoking, satisfying take on alien invasion

You realise at that moment that this is exactly how an encounter with an alien would likely be. You wouldn’t rush at it with excitement. You wouldn’t cower from it in fear. You’d take tentative, cautious steps of curiosity, all the while unable to reconcile with the reality of it all.

Musings of a No-Maj

One girl, who I instantly recognised to be Professor Sybill Trelawney — thanks to her curly hair, the stars in her eyes, and the huge orb she was slugging around — walked up to me, eyes wide with theatricality, and told me she saw a job change in my near future.

The Madhavan who wasn’t

There he was, shooting his first scene, not as the anti-hero he had prepared to be, but as the romantic hero he was ill-prepared for. “It all seemed… wrong.”