Podcast: 5 things we learned from the GoT episode, Blood of my Blood

This week’s podcast for The Hindu on S06E06 of Game of Thrones, Blood of my blood, in which I discuss five things we learned including why this is a highly unusual Game of Thrones episode and how Tommen’s days are numbered. Spoilers ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Alone in the dark

What it was like to watch a horror film alone in the theatre, earlier this week

Snip decision

I talk to industry stalwarts about their views on 24 getting trimmed by 8 minutes after release Like a king who disguises himself as a commoner to find out if his subjects are happy, Rakesh Gowthaman, managing director of Vettri Theatres in Chromepet, watches new releases as one among the fans. He watches the first two…

The joy of taking sides

Why there’s something unsettling–and somewhat unexciting even–about the good vs good trope when in superhero fiction

Podcast: Reactions to GoT episode, Oathbreaker

This week’s podcast on S06E03 of Game of Thrones, Oathbreaker, in which I discuss five things we learned including how Tyrion Lannister is a bit like… Fun Bobby. Spoilers ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Thanu: Kabali has a bigger, better punchline

Kalaippuli S. Thanu unhurriedly recites Thirukkural 517 that emphasises the importance of assigning work to the right people (“Ithanai ithanaal ivan mudikkum enraaynthu athanai avankan vidal”). He cites that as the single answer to several questions: Why has Kabali’s teaser been received so well? What caused Lingaa’s failure? What incited the spat between the Chengalpet…

Podcast: Reactions to GoT episode, Home

The first in a series of podcasts on Season 6 of Game of Thrones. This week, I react to Home, episode 2, season 6. Spoilers ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Kabali: Not a brooding don, apparently

  Sorry, but there’s no getting away from Kabali, this week. Its teaser has raked in astonishing figures—almost 60 lakh views in a little more than a day; on average, about 3,300 people watching it every minute since its release. The teaser has also helped dispel a few general notions about the Ranjith-Rajinikanth collaboration. For…