The actor beneath the Superstar

“Almost every memorable mass film of Rajini’s has at least one scene in which his excellent performance has not been given its due, even if the scene itself is popular.”

Petta: A reasonably charming tribute film with some unforgettable flourishes

“Narai koodi kizha paruvam eidhi, kodum kootruk kiraiyenappin maayum, pala vedikkai manidharai pole naan veezhven endre ninaithayo?”, which roughly translates to, “Like those aging, with greying hair, who suffer the fate of death, did you think I, like contemptible people, will fall?” Petta is Karthik Subbaraj reminding us that the Superstar hasn’t fallen.

The Mule: A terrific Clint Eastwood shines in this moving drama

“This isn’t a film to take such easy opportunities to create heroic moments for him because let’s face the truth, he isn’t a hero. He’s a lousy piece of work who’s in need of redemption, even if he will do everything possible to convince you otherwise.”