90ML: Little finesse, but a film that needs to be protected nevertheless

“At the end of the film, one of them asks, “Enakku mattum yen ushaaraaga maatengudhu?” Playing a cameo, STR — whose percussion-heavy loud music in this film I didn’t much care for — retorts with a dull response. I wish he’d said, “Nee ‘ushaar’ nu laam pesara varaikkum, unakku yaarume kadaikka maataanga.””

LKG: Some clever writing saves this satire

“I see this film more as a satire on the ills of social media. The most enjoyable parts of the film concern this. Like when a live video of a school’s squalor is being streamed on Facebook, and a random commenter goes, “Thalapathy 63 update please.” Later, in another live video, another one goes, “Thala Ajith massu”. I laughed out loud, at the truth of it all. It’s the sort of tragic silliness we are surrounded by, and while most films use references of these top actors to cash in on their fan base, LKG does it too, but subverts it.”

Dev: A middling romance fraught with problems

“I never truly understood what Meghna brings to her relationship with Dev, save for a supposed air of arrogance which turns bizarrely into unbearable clinginess. I think even she doesn’t get it, for, she keeps asking Dev why he’s into her.”