Santhosh Narayanan: The human voice is one of the greatest instruments

“I have grown stronger in my conviction that the end goal is always togetherness. This sense of oneness is important for me. That’s what I love about films like Pariyerum Perumal and Karnan, which scream for people to get together. Enjoy Enjaami too is about this oneness. I hope that before I die, I succeed in becoming a strong voice that unifies.”

Sarpatta Parambarai Movie Review: Ranjith’s love letter to Ekalavya makes for compelling viewing

“By now, it’s well-established that Ranjith’s next is a love story, and I’m delirious in excitement, as I consider the prospects, because in almost every film of his, he has shown evidence of being a tasteful writer of romance. In this film too, the Kabilan-Mariamma relationship is one between equals, and written with great sensitivity.”

Vaazhl Movie Review: Fable-ish, even if not fabulous

“I enjoyed that Vaazhl shows the same reverence and the attention to detail to capturing Tamil Nadu as it does exotic locations like Papua New Guinea and Goroka Islands. It’s again a reminder that the sky and the trees and fresh air are still close by, should we seek them. It’s an ode to travel, this film, and for that reason, a boy at the heart of it all is named Yatra.”