Rangoon: A gritty thriller with quite a bit to like

But make no mistake, there’s a lot to like in Rangoon, and this is easily Gautham Karthik’s best film yet. This is a world in which people don’t have the time to–and can’t afford to–think of first-world issues like morality and ethics.

An impressive drama with terrific organic humour

Towards the end, having experienced the hilarious and often poignant interplay between such real, rural characters, it seemed to me that this is the sort of film that somebody like Manikandan would make if asked to do a village film.

A hero, or a parent?

While movies can and will influence, you have to hope that any adult worth their salt will know better than to rely on fiction for moral advice.

Thondan: A big basket of moral lectures

He plays an ambulance driver called Vishnu who has saved 1,362 lives. And Vishnu, as you know, is the protector—saviour if you will—in Hindu mythology. One of his friends is named Vaikuntam. All daughters born in his ambulance generally get named Vishnupriya. The film is layered like that.