Amala Paul: My life is whatever I define it to be

“Everyone was so judgmental about that film even before they had seen it. I was being attacked just for being an actor and doing what I thought was perfectly acceptable in my job,” she says. “It was not just the audience… it was the media too. My character in Aadai was used to assassinate my character. I remember that its very release was being held up.”

Kutty Story movie review: The good and the bad co-exist in this latest anthology

“How I have missed the directorial work of Nalan Kumarasamy. Is there another filmmaker who’s so at ease generating laugh-out-loud humour from complex, sensitive situations, and who is able to achieve this without ever trivialising the central issues of the film? The man is a rare talent.”

Chakra Movie Review: This thriller has the effect of a comedy

“A couple of scenes later, his advice to Gayathri about conducting her interrogation: “Adichu visaarikaadha, adichuttu visaari.” Frankly, he need not even have bothered with Gayathtri, because she’s a piece of work herself. Her introduction scene is of her offing a couple of gangsters and saying something about “police power”.”

Maara Movie Review: A grounded remake of Charlie with quite a bit of heart

“The film is a reinforcement of the power of stories, of the stories each of our lives are. This is why there are multiple characters with their own short stories, including those of Selvi (Abhirami), the sex worker, and Kani (Sshivada), the guilt-ridden doctor. The implication is that no one story is necessarily more important than another.”