Not rankled anymore if I don’t have a film with a star: Samantha Akkineni

“I can summon tears at will. With due respect to method actors, I think truth comes out of spontaneity.”


Searching is my Following: Anish Chaganty

“The media and Hollywood usually portrays technology in negative light. Searching isn’t one such indictment. Yes, technology can alienate, but it can also connect. It can make us hope, it can make us love… and maybe, it can bring a dad and daughter together — like in Searching.”

CS Amudhan: We are not trolls

“I find people using words like ‘bangam’, troll, and ‘kalaai’ in talking about this film. Some seem to believe that the film is just a collection of memes. I reject such conclusions. Our objective is to make people laugh, and to that effect, we are picking well-known moments from Tamil cinema mainly. It’s not about targetting a few actors.”

Fleshing out a horror diet

“I’d rather do comedy. I’ve gone through depression, and all that… Now, I just want to be funny and silly, and make people laugh.”