Selvaraghavan: I hope to make films till my last breath

“I owe it all to cable television. It did not matter if I was beaten up at home for wasting time on it; I would sit and watch the same films over and over again on channels like Star Movies. I was addicted. I was intoxicated by what I was watching. Cinema is an irreplaceable teacher. After everyone at home slept, I would watch cable television all night long, the volume barely high enough for me to hear what was going on.”

Jeethu Joseph: If Drishyam 2 were a book, Georgekutty would be in prison

“I’m a lazy writer; so, I don’t sit down to write until I am able to visualise it all in my head. I may not be good with remembering names and numbers, but when it comes to stories, I remember every detail. Sometimes, as I am playing badminton, or attending the Holy Mass on Sundays, ideas come to me. My daughter smiles at me when she sees me being in a trance sometimes, muttering to myself dialogues of characters in my head.”

Amala Paul: My life is whatever I define it to be

“Everyone was so judgmental about that film even before they had seen it. I was being attacked just for being an actor and doing what I thought was perfectly acceptable in my job,” she says. “It was not just the audience… it was the media too. My character in Aadai was used to assassinate my character. I remember that its very release was being held up.”