The scientist in Hollywood

“They ask all sorts of questions; some of them are really thought-provoking. Daniel, for instance, offhandedly asked me what’d happen if somebody cried in space.”

Kong: Skull Island: Unabashed skin-deep entertainment

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts isn’t one to take his material too seriously. That’s why just as one of the innumerable harrowing creatures gobbles up one of the travelling party, you’re shown the shot of a man biting into his sandwich.

Simbu? Silambarasan? STR?

It’s Ilaiyaraaja, not Ilayaraja; S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, not S.P. Balasubramaniam; Arvind Swami, not Arvind Swamy; and Prabhu Dheva, not Prabhu Deva. You’re welcome for this life-changing lesson.

The Baashha I knew

For months after the release, Baashha was all you discussed. If you wanted to watch a film, you went and saw Baashha again. You watched it till you could run the film in your head during classes, scene by scene, dialogue by dialogue.