Romanoff deserved a better send-off

“It’s really during its more contained moments—like that dinner conversation among Natasha’s damaged family—that you see a bit of heart. It’s in such a scene that you get a glimpse of the differences between Natasha and Yelena (an impressive Florence Pugh). But really, the big question we sought an answer to in this film was, what caused Natasha to transform from being a cold assassin capable of harming a child into a selfless woman capable of great sacrifice?”

Netrikann Movie Review: Many likeable ideas in a reasonably effective thriller

“Durga is a victim of guilt and loss; Manikandan has a sense of purpose; another character, a food delivery executive, is part of what should feel like a warm relationship too. And yet, not once did I find myself feeling overwhelmed, except, of course, when the dog gets into trouble—which, I suspect, speaks more about me than the film.”

Navarasa Review: Vasanth Sai and Arvind Swami excel in this mixed bag

“Even in moments that don’t necessarily add up to the big picture (like the examination of hierarchy between the cooks), this film shows a lot of sensitivity and interest in human relationships. It’s a film, I dare say, the late K Balachander would have been quite proud of.”