Lion: A sincere adaptation of an incredible true story

For almost the entirety of the first half, the film plays as a highly stylised regional film, with all the characters talking in Bengali and Hindi. There’s little of the unconvincing English-speaking employed in Slumdog Millionaire.

Night of the stars

Darkness in many of these films isn’t just of the day; it’s of character itself. The disloyalty of Troy in Fences. The bloodlust of Tanner Howard in Hell or High Water. The violence—inner and outer—of Lee Chandler in Manchester by the Sea. The treacherous conformism of Kevin in Moonlight.

Why do we love Baashha?

Remember that this was during a time when an onscreen rebuke addressed at Rajini’s character resulted in mobs thronging your house with vengeance in their hearts. Ask Vadivukkarasi about it.

Hidden Figures: Heartwarming, necessary cinema

Films like Hidden Figures promote the contributions of unsung heroes, as much as as they serve as timely reminders for us to consider the consequences of our actions, and more importantly, their cause.

Si3: An assault on the senses

Doraisingam is horrible when he’s trying to be discreet. He even says he trusts emotions, not evidence. It just doesn’t seem like he brings a whole lot to the table as a senior police officer apart from old-fashioned good intent and plenty of anger issues.

Bogan and puritanical notions

Unfortunately, reality, as Nallasivam of Anbe Sivam (2003) indicates, is more complicated. Evil people cannot be, and must not be lazily profiled by trivialities like ugly looks, bad hygiene, or innocuous personal choices. And yet, our filmmakers persist with this notion.

The Great Wall: For the eyes, not the heart

Talking of stale ideas, even the all-important plan of attacking the monster queen isn’t novel, and was most recently employed in the horrible Independence Day: Resurgence. As inspirations go, you couldn’t do worse.

Bogan: Arvind Swamy in full form in an all-right potboiler

Arvind Swamy really plays to the gallery with his portrayal, and seems to revel in the character’s hedonism. He brings a sophisticated charisma to the role that Tamil villains have long lacked, a certain swag that some heroes would die for.