Si3: An assault on the senses

Doraisingam is horrible when he’s trying to be discreet. He even says he trusts emotions, not evidence. It just doesn’t seem like he brings a whole lot to the table as a senior police officer apart from old-fashioned good intent and plenty of anger issues.

Bogan and puritanical notions

Unfortunately, reality, as Nallasivam of Anbe Sivam (2003) indicates, is more complicated. Evil people cannot be, and must not be lazily profiled by trivialities like ugly looks, bad hygiene, or innocuous personal choices. And yet, our filmmakers persist with this notion.

The Great Wall: For the eyes, not the heart

Talking of stale ideas, even the all-important plan of attacking the monster queen isn’t novel, and was most recently employed in the horrible Independence Day: Resurgence. As inspirations go, you couldn’t do worse.