The longevity of Trisha

“Even that legendary heroine of the 90s — Khushboo — didn’t feature as long as a heroine. Trisha’s career, in terms of longevity at least, is an achievement.”

Maayavan: Fascinating in theory, faulty in execution

“It’s a chat that is supposed to set you up for a potentially romantic development later on. She responds, “When you look at some people, you just know they will need help for a lifetime.” He smiles as though revelling in a compliment — not the insult it seems to be.”

Aruvi: The film of the year

“Aruvi’s almost seraphic, almost supernal in her ability to see the good in the bad. The problem is, it leaves you wondering if she can even spot bad. You can call her a naïve fool. Or you could call her a saint, which perhaps is why it’s gut-wrenching to see her break down eventually.”

‘It’s important not to confuse the real Sivakarthikeyan with the actor’

“It’s important not to confuse the real Sivakarthikeyan with the actor. For instance, I don’t smoke and drink. I don’t chase women. I despise violence. But I cannot tell a director that I won’t do those things in a film. On Remo, one Tamil publication wrote, Remo samudhaayaththin saabakedu. Really? I understand giving me advice, but why would people try to stop a film from doing well?”