Minor issues

Where I talk about how adultification of children is common across Tamil cinema and television

Giving love a bad name?

Iru Mugan’s trailer, released this week, shows Vikram playing Love, a campy character who’s seemingly the villain. Do such portrayals reinforce negative stereotypes about homosexuals and transgenders?  Prakash Raj actor I think it’s wrong to be insensitive towards a community, and depict its members only as villains. Even when I agreed to play a transgender…

In search of a hit

The films Bharath rejected went on to become hits—like Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam that went to Dhanush. “But I know there’s no use thinking about this. Dhanush refused Kaadhal, and it came to me. It all evens out.”

A crush-ing portrayal

While all of our known universe remained consumed by Kabali, the Swathi issue has been gently pushed away from public consciousness, and along with it, the palpable anger at the depiction of stalking as a perfectly normal — why, even romantic — manner of courtship in Tamil cinema. There was even an online petition against…

Suicide Squad: Suicide squad, indeed

What Marvel achieved by painstakingly releasing film after film to establish its superheroes, DC tries to do with hyper-stylised minute-long intros for the dozen characters that populate—no, crowd—Suicide Squad. Here’s Deadshot (Will Smith); he’s a hired gun who has never missed a shot. You nod in glee, excited to meet the next one. Here’s Harley…