Mr Local: An unimaginative love story between an annoying man and an insecure woman


Imagine still not getting that it’s far from funny to vilify women with wisecracks like, “Girlfriend is a man’s first enemy.” Imagine still objectifying them — in this case, to a ‘foreign kudhirai’. Imagine still referring to strange women with that disrespectful suffix, ‘di’, under the guise of comedy. Imagine trying to capitalise on famous Tamil cinema lines, but then picking them from dull films like 2.0 and Saamy Square. Imagine pretending to attack jingoism, while constantly exposing your indifference towards oppressed groups like women, transgender, and obese people. Imagine trying to make an idiot out of a transgender man, and among other things, having him say he hates feminism.


Imagine caring so little about novelty in writing that you still define the hero’s mother as one obsessed with television serials, and the hero’s sister as one with an annoyingly chirpy presence. Imagine conjuring up accidents, literally, any time the film gets starved for organic, new developments. Imagine pretending to be a family-friendly film but still sneaking in wordplay on phrases like, “Kooti kuduthuru.” Imagine having your hero send you off to interval with a promise that goes, “Avala azha veippen da!” Imagine writing, for a hero, a man with little manners, and for a heroine, a woman with little self-esteem and plenty of free time, and then expecting us to care about their juvenile ego clashes…

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