Netrikann Movie Review: Many likeable ideas in a reasonably effective thriller

“Durga is a victim of guilt and loss; Manikandan has a sense of purpose; another character, a food delivery executive, is part of what should feel like a warm relationship too. And yet, not once did I find myself feeling overwhelmed, except, of course, when the dog gets into trouble—which, I suspect, speaks more about me than the film.”

Darbar: An enthusiastic Rajinikanth propels this passable ‘bad cop’ film

“His Aaditya Arunasalam is a fairly hands-on cop, defined by his willingness to put himself in harm’s way first. But I suppose that’s because he’s a bit like Breaking Bad’s Walter White in a sense. He is not in danger; he is the danger. Notice that opening underwhelming introduction scene as he descends on rowdies from above, literally—this ‘god of commercial cinema’ armed with a trademark Murugadoss weapon (of which there’s a more inventive variety that comes later on in the film). Aaditya is shown to be revelling in these murders—that are shot like video game kills. He calls himself a “baaad cop” (a reference to Annamalai, of course). The newspapers, meanwhile, more accurately, call him a ‘mad cop’.”