Train to Busan: Engaging, despite offering nothing new

It is incredible how quickly Train to Busan gets you to care about its characters. They are all archetypes, and none of their names register. This is how I remember some of them: gusty, funny guy with pregnant wife (Ma Dong-seok), selfish father (Gong Yoo), little girl with parental issues (Kim Su-an), homeless man (Choi…

The 10 commandments of Remo

“Evanukko sutta dosai, namakku vara madhri.”

What it means: Women are objects to be consumed.

The Accountant: An asset turned liability

For a while, The Accountant trundles on with a heavy sense of purpose, as though burdened by its own awareness of what it seemingly believes to be brilliance. A protagonist, Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck ironically asked to be emotionless), has a disorder that’s revealed through quick flashbacks. “I’d prefer not to label it,” says the…

Inspired stuff

Let’s just say I felt like Rambha in Ullathai Allithaa , after she learns that it isn’t really Goundamani who’s singing ‘Mama Nee Mama’ but Karthik