‘Vetri Maaran sir never gave me the script of our film’

‘The truth is, all of us had some reservations. Even I had my concerns. You see, when you handle such a topic, there’s a good chance that you could face backlash from both sides, the one you are raising a voice for, and the side that you are raising a voice against. And yet, I thought that it would all be worth it.’

Lens: A gripping rumination on the vices of the digital era

The days before the advent of the internet were simpler times. The only click that had the power to end lives was of a gun. Today though, it’s that of a much more potent instrument: the mouse, and it can destroy lives by the thousands.

Will Visaaranai do the trick?

Visaaranai, the first Tamil film to be submitted at the Oscars this millennium, stands a strong chance because it is devoid of the frills of Indian commercial cinema. Of course, the Oscar panel also generally laps up stark ethnic tales. It has been 16 long years since a Tamil film was chosen as India’s submission…