Pattas: Dhanush and Sneha strive to lift this wholly predictable film that lacks soaring highs

“The efficacy of such films is decided by the individual moments within, and whether or not the highs and the lows of the film impact you as they should. Remember when Devasena feels instinctively, in her bones, that her son is close? Remember what you felt as Baahubali runs to his mother in chains, his enemies behind him, as music and slow-mo visuals combined to deliver a classic mass moment? The problem with Pattas is that its highs don’t overwhelm you, its lows don’t shatter you.”

The disappointing women of Baahubali

Ultimately, her biggest contribution, apart from begetting a son with Amarendra Baahubali, is the twigs she painstakingly collects over 20 torturous years.

Baahubali 2: A glorious spectacle well worth the wait

Rajamouli is a masala filmmaker of the highest calibre. Time and again, he makes you wait for the moments of heroism—for the crests—and even though you know they are coming at you, you can’t help but be blown away when they do.

Why Kattappa killed Baahubali

If there is one thing that can be said beyond doubt, it is that Kattappa is loyal to Mahishmathi, like Bheeshma to Hastinapura.