I recommended another actor for my part in Tenet: Dimple Kapadia

The actor, who has now done her first Hollywood project in Christopher Nolan’s time-bending film, talks about the project…

At 63, after many ebbs and troughs in a striking film career, after the transition from actor to star and now to actor again, Dimple Kapadia has done her first Hollywood film in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. She plays an arms dealer called Priya, who at one point, tells the main character (John David Washington) that there is more than one protagonist in this film, referring to herself. In this brief conversation, the actor talks about her Hollywood experience, why she was hesitant about auditioning for this film and of course, working with Nolan.

Excerpts from the chat:

After all these years, it must have seemed strange to have to audition for a role.
(Laughs) Yes. It was a two-page monologue. The truth is, I tried every trick out there not to do this. I don’t do auditions generally and didn’t want to — not even for Tenet. At my age, you begin to ask what you are going to get now, doing a Hollywood film. My agent was insistent though and wouldn’t take no for an answer. In fact, I even recommended another actor for this part.  But eventually, I did the audition once I ran out of excuses. Everyone must have thought I was nuts.

Is it fair to say that the allure of Hollywood is lost on you?
Not at all. Nolan is every actor’s dream, damn it! I guess I was concerned about my own shortcomings. I was not sure if I could belong in a film like this. That’s what it was. I had a lot of nervous energy even after I was signed for this film. It’s definitely a dream come true to have featured in a Christopher Nolan film.

I understand that the full script of the film wasn’t shared with the cast, including members like Michael Caine. Have you seen the film?
Yes, I have.

Can I ask if you feel like you understood all of it?
(Laughs) Though I have read the script a few times and now, have watched the film, I guess I will have to watch it at least two more times to get it fully. I think that’s because he has packed in so much into this film. The more you watch, the deeper you can wade into it.

For the remainder of this interview (and there’s a lot more left, I assure you), visit I recommended another actor for my part in Tenet: Dimple Kapadia- Cinema express.

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