Cocktail Movie Review: A dreadful brew that stinks of bad humour

It’s a compliment to films like Cocktail when they get reviewed, when we offer evidence that we have indeed subjected ourselves to their torment. There isn’t much to be said about my experience of catching this latest Tamil OTT release, except to dryly note that all my years of living have somehow conspired to force me into the lair of this film that stinks of relentless tedium. The title, Cocktail, is a reference to that one scene in which Yogi Babu and friends pour many types of alcohol into a large vessel. It’s a fitting title, I suppose, because the film is as tasty as their dreadful cocktail.

Director: Ra Vijaya Murugan
Cast: Yogi Babu, Sayaji Shinde, Reshmi Gopinath, Meghna
Streaming on: Zee5

Much like this cocktail made by Yogi Babu and friends is a mixture of drinks that have no business coming together, the story of this film is an unsettling union of bizarre ideas, including a replica of a smuggled idol, a dead woman who may or may not be drunk, and a cop (Sayaji Shinde) whose boss yells, “En thaaliya arakaadha”, in a bid to pressurise him to solve a case. The film begins with the smuggled idol angle, but then forgets about it, until very late, when having run out of ideas to assault you further with nonsensical conversation, it brings it back. There’s simply no respite from the constant chatter between the men in this film, who you wish, pray, beg, would shut up for at least a minute to let you recover. It’s the sort of film in which the moment a character says the word, ‘ummunu’, you know he’s going to rhyme it with ‘gummunu’.

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