RK Nagar movie review: A dull, dull film

Like a drunk man experiencing an occasional, fleeting moment of lucidity, RK Nagar, every now and then, seems to recognise its own astounding mediocrity. The film begins by introducing us to half-a-dozen peripheral characters. There are a bunch of teenage perverts who make secret recordings of naked women and upload them at their internet browsing centre (yes, such a place once existed). These boys then go on to get so little screen time that I began wondering if I had seen them in a different film. The film then introduces you to a local political goonda called Mannu. He’s a bad guy, you are told. There’s his rival called Lotta (Sampath). He’s named so because he’s a Saurav Ganguly fan. He’s a good guy, you are told. This good guy, however, is oblivious to the consequences of his actions, and is easily motivated to kill people. He has an inspector friend, Nagendran. And then suddenly, this drunk film seems to realise that it has forgotten about its protagonist, Shankar (Vaibhav). So, a narrator helpfully tells you: “Ivangala paththiye paakardhaala ivanga hero nu nenachuraadhinga.” Right, thanks for the warning.

Director: Saravana Rajan

Cast:Vaibhav, Sana Althaf, Sampath

Shankar’s the hero, and you recognise this film thinks so because he is introduced with an item song that goes, ‘Adiyei, usupeththa vaa’. RK Nagar’s excuse for this song is that he was in a dream. Shankar’s actually in a police station and is a rambler who can’t be stopped from blathering on. RK Nagar regains some consciousness suddenly, when inspector Nagendran says, “Yen sammandham illaama pesitrukka?” But then, it slips back into drunken stupor again.

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For the remainder of this review (and there’s a lot more left, I assure you), please visit https://www.cinemaexpress.com/reviews/tamil/2020/may/01/rk-nagar-movie-review-a-dull-dull-film-saravana-rajan-18265.html

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