Comali Movie Review: An interesting premise fails to bear fruit

Films like Comali try to convince you that the way to win over a woman is to stare and stare hard at her open waist. A character played by Ponnambalam has a quirk apparently: As a saree-clad woman makes bajjis, he likes to ogle at her waist. At one point, his enemies attack him—alas, for some other reason—and drops of blood splatter on her hip, which has the bizarre effect of making her moan in pleasure. Director Pradeep Ranganathan even gives us details of how the folds of her waist move, based on the type of bajji she makes. I sunk deep into my seat, hoping no one would recognise me in the theatre.

A scene later, the premise of the film gets set up, and… it isn’t bad at all. Ravi (Jayam Ravi), a teenager, meets with an accident, ends up in a coma, and does not wake up until 16 years have passed. I couldn’t but notice that when he wakes up, he looks all fine and dandy without any motor control issues or muscular atrophy. In fact, he looks fairy ripped, making us wonder if he was secretly slipping out of coma to use the gym every day. Anyhow, it’s an interesting premise that reminded me a little of Captain America’s similar predicament, though his loss of time was more substantial.
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