Dhilluku Dhuddu 2: A testing sequel with the rare funny joke

Another year has passed, and it seems Operation Santhanam — that’s trying to convert the comedian into a hero — is still ongoing. His last film, Sakka Podu Podu Raja, didn’t exactly achieve this, and almost a year and three months after its release, he returns with a sequel to Dhilluku Dhuddu, which got released at a time when horror-comedies had already started looking out of their depth. At a time when the genre has all but died an ungraceful, extended death, this sequel tries to bring it back into fashion… rather unsuccessfully, and with little novelty. Some gags work, some lines are funny, many are offensive… and for the most part, the film’s just tiresome.

Director: Rambhala
Cast: Santhanam, Rajendran, Urvashi, Shritha Sivadas

Perhaps on account of this film being a sequel, it bears quite a few similarities to the original. The idea of the ghost getting locked up and accidentally released. The idea of a few charlatans who masquerade as powerful people. The idea of an extended end where everyone has to deal with the real ghost. And of course, at its heart, it’s still trying to use the comedy potential of the genre to try and ease Santhanam into the role of a hero.

You can read the full review here at Cinema Express.


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