Sindhubaadh: Some opening warmth gets waylaid in this half-hearted thriller

“The problem, rather ironically, is how good Arunkumar is with the everyday aspects of life. When you are as good with the localising, it’s hard to suddenly get your audience atop the mass bandwagon (unless it’s a Sethupathi, in which the villain and the conflicts are localised too).”

A new dawn: Roundtable conversation with five debutant directors

“We have to understand that the roots of these problems are firmly within our education system, which is designed to create corporate slaves. The trailer of a star’s next film has accummulated views by the million, and we really have to begin asking what we get out of such films. How can we change our taste, our appreciation of cinema? How can we stop making deities out of actors?”

A slave of art: The Vijay Sethupathi interview

“If I fail, I become a bad, frightening example for this road. They will point at this route and say, “That’s where Vijay Sethupathi died.” For this reason, I must not fail. My success is important.”