Cracking Kolaveri

“So, why did an entire generation get hooked to it? Well, that’s a question I suspect both Anirudh and Dhanush are tired of trying to answer, and perhaps trying to figure out too.”

Si3: An assault on the senses

Doraisingam is horrible when he’s trying to be discreet. He even says he trusts emotions, not evidence. It just doesn’t seem like he brings a whole lot to the table as a senior police officer apart from old-fashioned good intent and plenty of anger issues.

Shruti Haasan: Dude, I have bigger things to worry about

Something must have been bothering Shruti Haasan during our conversation. What, I am not sure, and of course, I didn’t ask. The interview began innocuously enough when I asked her about the comedy film she’s signed with her father, Kamal Haasan. “I’ve wanted to work with him for a really long time,” she said, tersely. She…