Kodiveeran: A rural awareness exercise at best

Muthaiya doesn’t just stop with lessons in science; he gives you some in morality too. “Aambalai aambalaikku love letter kuduthaa thappu.” “Oru ponnuku aathram vara koodadhu.” “Veliya poitu vara aambalaikku, pombala dhaan nalladhu kaththu kudukkanum.” It’s like whoever wrote the dialogues had just seen Padayappa.

Wherever I may roam

Darbuka Siva, debutant composer of upcoming Sasikumar-starrer, Kidaari, tells me that every action in his life is guided by the nomad in him As Darbuka Siva tells me how quickly he tires of routine, how everything he’s ever done in life is to avoid repetition, I cannot but be reminded of Red’s assessment of Dufresne in…