NGK Movie Review: Few memorable moments in an underwhelming Selvaraghavan film

“The state of today’s politics is best illustrated by a scene in NGK when the eponymous protagonist, Nanda Gopalan Kumaran (Suriya turning up, as always), returns to his family after consenting to join a political party. You’d think he just told them he’s been diagnosed with terminal illness.”

Maari 2: Sai Pallavi and some spirited dialogues struggle to keep this sequel afloat

“My most favourite Dhanush moment in this film is when he swishes his finger, and just as he’s about to say, “Senjuruven”, checks himself and says something else instead — something more endearing that takes into account the changed man that he is.”

The beauty of imperfection

For the first 10 minutes of the Malayalam film  Kali, I’ll admit to wondering if Sai Pallavi needed to wear more makeup. I wasn’t convinced she needed to look  so real . No effort, it seems, had been expended in making her look like heroines often do: her hair wasn’t straightened, her acne wasn’t hidden,…