‘There’s no greater gift to a filmmaker than the gift of freedom’

“What we were going for with this character is a man who is on the cusp of reformation but is wrongly influenced by an evil advisor. I see this film as tracking the transformation of this father character from a confused casteist leader into an understanding, apologetic father.”

Netflix’s Paava Kadhaigal Review: Vetrimaaran leaves you a teary mess in this fairly engaging anthology

“For one, they are all about conflicted parents frightened of social persecution, parents who are not above considering murder. All of these films speak of the pressure of a big, bad system and how it influences individuals to do that which they would otherwise shudder to even consider.”

‘Vetri Maaran sir never gave me the script of our film’

‘The truth is, all of us had some reservations. Even I had my concerns. You see, when you handle such a topic, there’s a good chance that you could face backlash from both sides, the one you are raising a voice for, and the side that you are raising a voice against. And yet, I thought that it would all be worth it.’