Sarkar: Vijay propaganda hinders this film from realising its potential

“He talks of America’s language becoming English instead of German, France becoming a republic from a monarchy, Hitler acquiring dictatorial control over the party… It’s the sort of list you’d expect to see on WhatsApp a week before elections, sent by well-meaning friends. And much like many such noble lists, all the examples cited in this one are entirely wrong.”

Spyder: A terrific SJ Suryah can’t salvage the film by himself

The villain, Sodalai (SJ Suryah, who is joyously mental in the film and its main attraction), seems inspired by The Joker. He’s constantly cackling, and the relish with which he observes people who wail is an idea for the ages.

Rangoon: A gritty thriller with quite a bit to like

But make no mistake, there’s a lot to like in Rangoon, and this is easily Gautham Karthik’s best film yet. This is a world in which people don’t have the time to–and can’t afford to–think of first-world issues like morality and ethics.