Sarkar: Vijay propaganda hinders this film from realising its potential

“He talks of America’s language becoming English instead of German, France becoming a republic from a monarchy, Hitler acquiring dictatorial control over the party… It’s the sort of list you’d expect to see on WhatsApp a week before elections, sent by well-meaning friends. And much like many such noble lists, all the examples cited in this one are entirely wrong.”

Aramm: A powerful story that doesn’t flinch from asking tough questions

There’s a lingering sense of guilt on the faces of most of these government employees, every time Mathi asks them a tough question. Their heads hang down in shame, but it seems they are too entrenched in the system to feel emotionally about the impact of their jobs any more. Mathi doesn’t get this. She just isn’t wired that way.

How to write a film in 2017

“Show two characters falling in love over a shared love for demonetisation. Show a character suffering from clinical depression till his Aadhaar gets delivered and cheers him up. Show a blind shopkeeper regaining his eyesight after the implementation of GST.”