Kaala: An important work by a socially conscious filmmaker

“The film is an exploration into the relationship of the oppressed and the oppressor. The climax works so beautifully because the only real redemption for the oppressed is through unity, through education, through awareness — not through the informed voice of just one leader. Individuals are fallible, ideologies aren’t.”

Year 2016 in Tamil cinema

This was also a year of sequels. Even films you’d never have imagined would get a sequel, or wanted one for, got them.

K. S. Ravikumar: Cinema is just business

  S. Ravikumar, whose Mudinja Ivana Pudi has just released, tells me that he has nothing to prove to anybody and that his track record speaks for itself Excerpts of the conversation in video Before answering the first question, K. S. Ravikumar mentions that he isn’t altogether comfortable with speaking in English. I tell him he’s free to talk…

Kabali: Not the great film it needed to be

No matter what our thoughts are about the film, we owe it to Ranjith for showing us these rare glimpses, for giving us proof that the actor has still survived underneath the Superstar.

The great Kabali trick

Internet bookings were supposed to be easy and fast. But given the events of the last week in Chennai, I can’t but be transported to a seemingly romantic time in the not-so-distant past when advance bookings had little to do with furious, futile clicks of the mouse.