Rudra Thaandavam Movie Review: Better craft, better cast, and yet, similar problems

Ultimately, both Draupadi and Rudra Thaandavam, despite containing an interesting premise, feel simply like crafty arguments, mounted on exceptions, to defend the privileged and the powerful Director Mohan G is slowly perfecting the sinister art of turning the tables on the oppressor-oppressed relationship through some careful writing choices. His protagonists—on evidence of the two films…

Netflix’s Paava Kadhaigal Review: Vetrimaaran leaves you a teary mess in this fairly engaging anthology

“For one, they are all about conflicted parents frightened of social persecution, parents who are not above considering murder. All of these films speak of the pressure of a big, bad system and how it influences individuals to do that which they would otherwise shudder to even consider.”

Putham Pudhu Kaalai Review: Sudha Kongara stars in an anthology that evokes mixed feelings

“It’s also fascinating to note that old people are integral parts of this new anthology. It’s a welcome development, is it not, that liberated from the rules surrounding feature films and star-centric cinema, these filmmakers are able to talk about an important section of society that’s damagingly stereotyped, even in the off-chance that they get depicted at all?”