Mr. Chandramouli: Some interesting ideas in a lackadaisical thriller

In a recent interview with us, Karthik had expressed some surprise over how mimicry artistes imitated him. “Do I really talk like that?” he had asked us. In his latest film, Mr. Chandramouli, it almost feels like he’s trying to mimic those very artistes. It’s every cliché associated with his performances. The infantilism, the devil-may-care…

Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuththu: An uninventive adult comedy that mistakes sexual references for humour

“Simply because it’s an adult film, a woman walks around with a shirt captioned ‘orgasm’. Men walk around with underwear that bear the image of a banana. It’s a mark of deep sexual repression in our society that the theatre resounded with laughter at these silly references.”

Ivan Thanthiran: A not-so-slick thriller

It’s all fairly inventive, like the depiction of social media and its world of memes as having the power to dethrone a minister, and the usage of curious devices like the miniature surveillance camera that is mounted on an ‘e’ (housefly), perhaps on account of all the e-stuff going on.