Nadigaiyar Thilagam: A well-made biopic that’s more in love with its subject than I’d have liked

“Nag Ashwin couldn’t have made it clearer that Nadigaiyar Thilagam deems Savitri to be an angel descended from above, and a hapless victim of her circumstances. She’s shown to be a munificent spirit who can scarcely come to terms with the dark world she’s inhabiting — one full of ungrateful people and opportunists.”

Solo: One horrible twist almost destroys a fairly fulfilling film experience

When Bejoy Nambiar pulls the rug from under your feet, it feels unexpected, sure, but also hilarious. Given that the whole team seems to have bought into this segment (composer Sooraj Kurup has been inspired enough to create the beautiful Seetha Kalyanam), I can only speculate that the idea must have seemed fascinating in writing.