Teddy movie review: The teddy is alive, the film not so much

“I wish Teddy had remained content with being a drama about a man and his newfound, strange companion, a teddy bear called Sri. Unfortunately, the film would rather be a thriller, one that is tasked with the difficult, mirthless topic of illegal organ trade. Was this genre chosen so any comparisons with the English film, Ted, could be easily shrugged off?”

Kadamban: An over-simplistic, not-bad film about corporate greed

The heroine, Rathi (Catherine Tresa), is no different. Her way of flirting is to draw Kadamban’s attention to a couple of snakes that are mating at a distance. Don’t ask me how I know this, but what the film shows to be mating is actually two male snakes performing a combat ritual. But that’s the least of Kadamban’s problems.