Vaanam Kottattum Movie Review: A moving premise, a not-so-satisfying film

“The Bose Kalai (Sarathkumar) family is a horrible one to be in if you are a woman. Chandra, it seems, has made her disgruntled peace with it. She knows her husband won’t consult her before unleashing violence that will haunt the family for decades. She realises that her son won’t consult her either before engaging in assault and going to jail.”

Vada Chennai: A gritty, even if rushed, gangster drama with unforgettable stretches

“In the other murder sequence, you have two novices undergoing a rite of passage of sorts. The event is the equivalent of two young lion cubs hunting a weary hyena. It’s fascinating to see as they, full of vigour and inventiveness, wake up to what they can actually do. It’s a sequence Santosh Narayanan’s music stands out in.”