Ice Age: Collision Course: When’s the franchise going extinct?

Like with a partner in a long-term relationship, we stick by a franchise through health and sickness in the hope that what it lacks in freshness, it will provide for in depth and meaning. In the case of Ice Age, the least those of us who have remained loyal despite unmistakable signs of steady deterioration,…

A ‘mammoth’ effort

Arjun Kapoor, who has dubbed for the Hindi version of Ice Age: Collision Course, tells me what it was like to mimic other actors like Anil Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, and Sanjay Dutt When Arjun Kapoor says that being an actor doesn’t just mean facing the camera, he isn’t just drawing generic quotes from Cliches 101 for Actors….

Virtually possible

Where I talk about the magical world of virtual reality that brings everything within our grasp

The Secret Life of Pets: Enjoyable, even if not memorable

Imagine if jokes wore boxing gloves and jabbed at your face till you relented. That’s The Secret Life of Pets for you. Every scene is an opportunity for a gag, and every plot development an excuse for more gags. There isn’t a single inert moment in the film, which is both good and bad. First,…